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Genuine Tropical Teak Wood with great stability in changing environments. Comfortable underfoot, easy handling and installation. Anti-skid properties. Temperature control. Resistant to the action of fungus and insect attack.

Indoor Teak Flooring

SKU: 364215376135193
  • Category: TECTONA GRANDIS tongue and groove flooring.

    Format: 1"X5" Grooved board on the edges with tongue

    and groove on the heads.

    Available Finish: Natural

    Available thickness: 0.75” (3/4”)

    Available width: 4.72” (4 3/4”)

    Available length: 2.29’ (24 3/8”) hasta 9.19’ (108 1/8”)

    Shades: Deep Golden Brown

    Wood hardness: Medium Hard

    Durability: +45 years with proper maintenance

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